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    • Faculty, alumni and supporters named to Order of Canada December 30, 2021
      A public health expert who helped guide the University of Toronto’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A pioneering researcher in the field of bioengineering who is internationally renowned for her work on the bioremediation of pollutants. One of Canada’s leading cardiologists.
    • Medicine by Design symposium highlights importance of convergence in regenerative medicine and human health December 22, 2021
      Researchers are poised to make unprecedented breakthroughs in human health thanks to advances in biomedical and computational sciences that have driven critical tools and technologies such as genetic engineering, synthetic biology, and artificial intelligence.
    • How virtual rehab is bridging pandemic gaps in patient care and research December 22, 2021
      What if you experienced a stroke and needed physical and cognitive therapy – but hospitals and clinics had suspended these vital rehabilitation services due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Enter Mark Bayley of the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine, whose work focuses on brain injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis.
    • The year in pictures: U of T News looks back at 2020 December 22, 2021
      U of T News photographers had a front-row seat to history this year as they captured pictures of University of Toronto students, faculty and staff responding to one of the gravest crises in recent memory.
    • Meet the U of T students who crushed it in 2020 December 21, 2021
      At the end of each year, U of T News looks back on students’ achievements over the past 12 months and recalls some of the more impressive or inspiring feats.
    • Sustainability research gets boost from DC microgrid at U of T Engineering December 21, 2021
      Researchers and students at the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering now have access to commercial-scale solar arrays and energy storage facilities – with the ability to collect real-time data – thanks to a new, direct-current (DC) microgrid.
    • U of T researchers find clues about COVID-19 virus immunity December 21, 2021
      New findings from Temerty Faculty of Medicine researchers may help explain why SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19 – can cause more severe inflammation and lung tissue damage than a regular, seasonal influenza virus.
    • From longer holidays to compassion in the classroom: Supporting U of T students during COVID-19 December 18, 2021
      Earning a university degree isn’t easy – and this year the challenge is made more difficult by a global pandemic that has forced students to dramatically alter the way they live, study and socialize.
    • Eight tips to manage your mental health over the holidays December 18, 2021
      The holidays can be a stressful time of year at the best of times. But this year’s festive season is shaping up to be more challenging than usual due to COVID-19. With many parts of the country returning to lockdown, this year’s festive season will be different for many Canadians – and University of Toronto […]
    • U of T Faculty of Music’s first woman PhD makes $1-million donation for music and health December 18, 2021
    • Five tips for staying healthy over the holidays December 17, 2021
      As we head into a season when many people traditionally gather with family and friends, public health advice could be boiled down to one word: don’t. There are exceptions, of course. You may have a friend or relative who lives alone and needs support. But for the most part, experts say, now is the time […]
    • Early English drama resources offer insights on theatre from Middle Ages, Shakespeare December 17, 2021
      The Records of Early English Drama (REED) research collaboration has pulled back the curtain on two new online resources that bring a vibrant period of historical theatre performance, including the time of Shakespeare, to life.
    • What’s Next? COVID-19 podcast: (Ep 34) Vivek Goel on year’s end December 17, 2021
      In his final podcast on the COVID-19 pandemic, renowned public health expert Vivek Goel looks back over an extraordinary year.
    • Sarah Qidwai, a U of T graduate student, builds online community to promote diversity and accessibility December 16, 2021
      When the global pandemic cut short her research trip to the United Kingdom in March, Sarah Qidwai tweeted an idea about a new online community for scholars feeling isolated and disconnected.
    • U of T researchers collaborate with local startup to improve highrise hot water distribution December 16, 2021
      Researchers from the University of Toronto are collaborating with local startup FlowMix to study technology that could improve hot water distribution for the 1.9 million Canadians who live in condominiums, potentially eliminating cold showers and accidental scalding.
    • From astrophysics to literature: 29 researchers at U of T awarded Canada Research Chairs December 16, 2021
    • A family affair: U of T Engineering students adapt to remote learning December 15, 2021
      Even as a first-year student, Daniel Deza always knew he was going to have friends in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering – starting with his older brothers Arnaud Deza and Gabriel Deza, who are in their third and fourth years of engineering science respectively.
    • Without missing a beat, U of T Mississauga residence choir goes virtual during COVID-19 December 15, 2021
      When the University of Toronto Mississauga instituted new COVID-19 protocols on campus, it looked like its residence choir might be silenced indefinitely. But thanks to technology and some creative thinking, The HomeNotes are once again making music together – while staying safely apart.
    • Women face 'double-bind' when applying for jobs in male-dominated fields, U of T researchers find December 15, 2021
      Women applying to jobs in male-dominated fields often try to overcome sexism by altering their cover letters so they sound less feminine. But that practice may actually be hurting their chances of landing a job, a new University of Toronto study finds.
    • Richie Mehta, a U of T alumnus, finds validation in International Emmy win for Delhi Crime December 14, 2021
      Filmmaker Richie Mehta was finishing a project in Delhi when the Nirbhaya (Hindi for “fearless) case broke out. The 2012 gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student in the national capital territory shook India to its core, making headlines around the world.