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    • UPPERCASE or lowercase? The way brands write their names sends a subtle message to consumers April 9, 2021
      Brand names are often written using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Others defy convention by using all lowercase, such as amazon or ebay, or all uppercase, such as IKEA. It turns out this unconventional use of text does more than simply draw our attention – it could influence how we think or feel […]
    • U of T researchers receive federal grants for COVID-19 modelling projects April 9, 2021
      Two University of Toronto researchers will receive federal funding to help advance the country’s ability to better respond to health emergencies like COVID-19 through the Emerging Infectious Diseases Modelling Initiative.
    • U of T lowers flags to half-mast in memory of Prince Philip April 9, 2021
      The University of Toronto has lowered its flags to half-mast in memory of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Buckingham Palace said Prince Philip, 99, died Friday at Windsor Castle, where he lived with the Queen during the pandemic.
    • Insulin100 symposium to draw world experts in diabetes research and care April 9, 2021
      What can pancreas cell transplants do for people living with diabetes today? How are new technologies allowing women to better manage diabetes during pregnancy? Could science soon prevent type 1 diabetes altogether?
    • The New Normal with Maydianne Andrade (Ep. 19 part one): Scapegoat April 8, 2021
      Anti-Asian racism and violence in North America have been called a “shadow pandemic” – one that has intensified over the past year and builds on a long history of discrimination. How, then, can we stop it?
    • In memoriam: Louis Siminovitch, the father of genetic research in Canada April 8, 2021
      The University of Toronto community is remembering University Professor Louis Siminovitch, a scientific visionary who was the first chair of what is today the department of molecular genetics in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.
    • U of T joins national consortium to address talent needs of post-pandemic economy April 8, 2021
      The University of Toronto is partnering with Palette Skills, a national non-profit organization, and other major Canadian academic and business organizations to address the growing skills gap in the Canadian economy and advance an inclusive post-pandemic recovery.
    • Researchers find link between apes in Africa and 10-million-year-old ape fossils in Hungary, Spain April 7, 2021
      An analysis of prehistoric ape fossils previously discovered in Hungary and Spain is adding weight to the theory that the ancestors of African apes and humans evolved in Europe before migrating to Africa between nine and seven million years ago.
    • U of T scientist receives Gairdner International Award for metabolism research April 7, 2021
      A scientist at the University of Toronto has been jointly awarded a 2021 Canada Gairdner International Award for research that has helped revolutionize treatments for type 2 diabetes, obesity and intestinal disorders.
    • Diabetes drug could prevent brain damage in children receiving radiation for tumours: U of T study April 7, 2021
      Radiation can be life-saving for a child with a brain tumour. But the therapy can also cause damage to the brain that leaves deficits in cognitive function, including learning and memory challenges.
    • Kepler Communications receives $3.8 million to mass-produce nanosatellites April 6, 2021
      Kepler Communications, a satellite telecommunications startup that originated at the University of Toronto, has received $3.8 million in interest-free repayable funding from the federal government,
    • Joseph Wong appointed U of T’s vice-president, international April 6, 2021
      Joseph Wong, a leading political scientist and scholar of global affairs who has played a key role in advancing the University of Toronto’s internationalization strategy, has been appointed vice-president, international for a five-year term.
    • From portable solar generators to race cars: U of T student makes the world his classroom April 6, 2021
      Engineering can take you places. Just ask fourth-year University of Toronto student Ben Sprenger, who spent two weeks in the summer of 2019 talking to Mongolian nomads about portable solar generators.
    • How kindness, compassion and even awe can boost your mental health April 5, 2021
      Anyone who has comforted a friend in a time of need or volunteered for a worthy cause knows the experience can leave you feeling good about yourself.
    • U of T alumna establishes bursary for Indigenous, Black and Taino students April 5, 2021
      Erica Neeganagwedgin is looking to tell a different story than the one currently being told.
    • Diabetes disparities: U of T researchers work with communities at risk April 5, 2021
      Rick Bhurji was shocked to learn that, at age 47, he had type 2 diabetes. His next thought was: What did I do wrong? Rick’s daughter, Anjali, noticed that many of their Indo-Canadian friends and family had “mysteriously” developed diabetes. She figured her father’s diabetes was due to his love of pop and junk food.
    • More than 20,000 receive COVID-19 vaccine dose at U of T Mississauga-hosted clinic April 1, 2021
      Euchre. Dinner out. A trip to Walt Disney World.  Now that she has received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, such activities feel one small step closer for Mississauga senior Jackie Campbell – even as the province heads into a shutdown amid a third wave of infections.
    • ‘Nobel Prize of computing:’ U of T Engineering alumnus Alfred Aho receives A.M. Turing Award April 1, 2021
      Alfred Aho, an alumnus of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, and his collaborator Jeffrey Ullman have received the 2020 A.M. Turing Award – widely considered the “Nobel Prize of computing” – for their influential work in algorithms and compilers.
    • Insulin 100: How the road to a diabetes cure is yielding better treatments April 1, 2021
      “The pancreas,” says Gary Lewis, an endocrinologist at Toronto General Hospital and director of the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre at the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine, “is like an exquisitely sensitive and perfectly networked computer.”
    • Renowned scholar Juna Kollmeier named director of U of T’s Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics March 31, 2021
      Renowned astrophysicist Juna Kollmeier, on faculty at the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science, has been named the new director of the University of Toronto’s Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (C