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    • Women with food insecurity less likely to breastfeed: U of T study March 19, 2018
      Researchers from the University of Toronto have shown that women who struggle to afford food are less able to sustain breastfeeding than those who are food-secure – even though women in both groups start the practice at about the same rate.
    • Interstellar asteroid that recently flew past Earth likely came from a system with two stars: U of T research March 19, 2018
      New University of Toronto research has found that the rocky object that puzzled scientists by barrelling through our solar system seemingly out of nowhere very likely came from a binary star system.
    • U of T expert on pharmacare and the 'chaotic world' of Canadian drug prices March 19, 2018
      The cost of a life-saving drug to treat cystinosis – a rare disease affecting probably 100 people across Canada – is soon to rise from $10,000 per year to more than $300,000 annually.
    • 'A moral voice, a voice of conscience': Donald Dwight Evans was a philosophy professor and committed peace activist March 16, 2018
      For about four decades, Donald (Don) Dwight Evans taught philosophy at the University of Toronto, continuing to lead small seminars into his 80s. He was considered a generous and conscientious teacher, colleague and scholar, known for practising what he preached.
    • Fujitsu president leads global delegation to U of T to launch collaborative research lab March 16, 2018
      Representatives from Fujitsu Limited visited the University of Toronto this week to officially launch the Fujitsu Co-Creation Research Laboratory, a new multidisciplinary research hub that will accelerate collaborative work in fields including machine learning, quantum-inspired computing, smart cities, advanced health care and financial technology.
    • Anti-nuclear activist and Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Thurlow gives chilling account of the 1945 attack March 16, 2018
      Setsuko Thurlow was only 13 years old on the day the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
    • U of T to host conference on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination March 16, 2018
      In 1960, South African police wielding submachine guns opened fire on protesters demonstrating against apartheid laws.  The massacre of 69 people led the United Nations to declare March 21 the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
    • IGNITE at U of T: Conference aims to help aspiring MD students from under-represented communities March 16, 2018
      The MD Program’s Community of Support (CoS) will welcome nearly 300 aspiring physicians when it hosts its second annual IGNITE Conference this Saturday at the University of Toronto.
    • French cosmetics giant buys U of T 'beauty tech' startup March 16, 2018
      A University of Toronto startup that lets consumers virtually try on makeup, hair and other beauty products has been scooped up by the world’s biggest cosmetics company – a move that could result in Toronto becoming a hub for “beauty tech” research.
    • U of T honours outstanding Indigenous students, whose achievements go beyond academics March 15, 2018
      At the start of her undergraduate studies, Julie Blair went to award ceremonies at the University of Toronto's First Nations House to celebrate with Indigenous students who won academic prizes.
    • Students explore diversity in Muslim world through U of T's International Course Module in Indonesia March 15, 2018
      Undergraduate students who take Dylan Clark’s course in the Contemporary Asian Studies program at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs, study Indonesia, which has the largest number of Muslims in the world.
    • #HBDUofT: Here's how U of T is celebrating its 191st birthday March 15, 2018
      The University of Toronto turns 191 on March 15 – and #HBDUofT is trending. Across the university’s three campuses and around the world, students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to celebrate.
    • U of T student-curated art exhibition offers a different view of Toronto’s neighbourhoods and people March 14, 2018
      If you search for “Toronto” in Google Images, you’ll find endless photos of the city’s iconic skyline – with the CN Tower and Rogers Centre front and centre.
    • Why try to deport a man in Canada since childhood? U of T expert looks at the case of Abdoul Abdi March 14, 2018
      Abdoul Kadir Abdi is facing deportation from Canada to Somalia.
    • A 'heroic' scientist: U of T remembers Stephen Hawking, and his Convocation Hall visit March 14, 2018
      One of the world’s leading theoretical physicists and science communicators, Stephen Hawking inspired millions to mull grand questions about the cosmos and our place in it.  But he was apparently pleased to be included in others’ make-believe universes, too.
    • Two student-developed digital media projects recognized with heritage awards March 14, 2018
      An augmented reality app that guides users through a dynamic tour of 12 locations in Toronto’s historic Kensington Market. A podcast that explores the experiences of Indigenous and immigrant communities living in Scarborough.
    • Monkeys faring better than plants in increasingly patchy forests of Costa Rica: U of T research March 13, 2018
      Cattle ranching, agriculture and other human activities are turning Costa Rican forests into isolated patchy fragments, causing more problems for native plant populations than for monkey species sharing the same habitat.
    • U of T startup helps hospitals capitalize on their data, prepare for an AI future March 13, 2018
      Carolina Gomes was in Edmonton completing a master’s in computer science when her grandfather back home in Sao Paulo was diagnosed with cancer – an illness that quickly laid bare the shortcomings of Brazil's health-care system.
    • U of T researchers look for clues in big data to enlist stem cells for brain repair March 13, 2018
      A team at the University of Toronto's Medicine by Design has combined the latest genomic technology with machine learning in a new study that sheds light on brain stem cells, providing insights that could one day help the brain heal itself.
    • Using AI to count craters on the moon at U of T's Centre for Planetary Sciences March 12, 2018
      A new technique developed by researchers at the University of Toronto is using the technology behind self-driving cars to measure the size and location of crater impacts on the moon.
    • Degree or coding boot camp? U of T expert decodes computer science March 12, 2018
      Do you love solving puzzles? Maybe it’s a clue that coding is right for you.   “A lot of people treat computer science like solving puzzles,” says Paul Gries, an associate professor, teaching stream, in the department of computer science at the University of Toronto. “You get a bit of dopamine rush when you expect to […]
    • 'Adrenaline and pure joy were feeding my soul': Nine photos from powwow at U of T March 12, 2018
      Hundreds of people in a rainbow of colours filled the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport at the University of Toronto on Sunday for the Indigenous Studies Students' Union's powwow.  The celebration was the second in a row at the university, following the ISSU's massive powwow – the first at U of T in decades – at the […]
    • U of T study finds size matters for hummingbirds in how efficiently they expend energy March 12, 2018
      When it comes to fuel efficiency, bigger is better for hummingbirds, a new study by researchers at the University of Toronto has found.
    • U of T startup raises US$45 million to build AI-powered drug discovery business March 9, 2018
      A University of Toronto startup using artificial intelligence to speed drug discovery has raised US$45 million to fund growth – yet another example of how efforts to commercialize the university’s AI expertise are making waves in the business world.
    • The big picture: U of T experts develop storytelling tool for family photos March 9, 2018
      As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A tool under development in the University of Toronto’s Technologies for Aging Gracefully lab is synchronizing memories by attaching audio stories to digital family photos.
    • Data-driven farming: U of T alumni's startup develops low-cost sensors for Nepal March 9, 2018
       Ahmed Mahmoud hopes that his new invention – an unassuming grey box about the size of a coffee mug, attached to a metal probe – will be the key to significant improvements in crop yields for farmers in Nepal and around the world.
    • Bad traffic: New Citizen Lab report finds Sandvine’s PacketLogic devices used to deploy government spyware in Turkey and redirect Egyptian users to affiliate ads March 9, 2018
      A new report by the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs outlines an investigation into the apparent use of networking equipment, offered by a company based in Canada and the United States, to deliver malware in Turkey and indirectly i
    • U of T shares its budget for 2018-2019 March 8, 2018
      Diversity and equity initiatives, improving the undergraduate experience, recruiting a diverse range of  international students, and expanding partnerships and opportunities around the world – those are some of the priorities in University of Toronto’s proposed spending plan for next year.
    • International Women’s Day: U of T expert on Canada’s gender equality legislation, #MeToo March 8, 2018
      It was one of the predominant themes of last week’s federal budget: investing in women and girls. Included in the budget is a promise to tackle pay equity, $187 million to combat gender-based violence and harassment, improved parental leave, and feminist-leaning international development policy.
    • U of T research fuels IOC Gender Equality Review Project March 8, 2018
      On International Women's Day, the authority behind the Olympic Games pledged to advance women's participation and leadership in sports. The announcement follows years of U of T research highlighting gender inequalities at the Games. In a statement, the International Olympic Committee promised to act on 25 “gender equality recommendations.”
    • Can you name these U of T legends? March 8, 2018
      How well do you know the women of the University of Toronto? For International Women’s Day, we put together a short quiz about just a few of the alumnae and faculty who’ve smashed through ceilings and changed the world. (Answers below)
    • 'A failed presidency': Best-selling author of 'Fire and Fury' on Donald Trump March 8, 2018
      Michael Wolff’s exposé Fire and Fury paints a picture of a White House in turmoil, and on Wednesday the bestselling author was at the University of Toronto unpacking a chaotic first 100 days of a president who thrives on conflict. Speaking to a packed crowd at Convocation Hall, Wolff recalled a moment when Donald Trump was still […]
    • Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers likely to die earlier: U of T study March 7, 2018
      Sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to die earlier than the general population, according to a new study by University of Toronto researchers that examined the causes of death of Ontarians over a 14-year period.
    • Dance app developed at U of T takes some big steps March 7, 2018
      StageKeep, an app created by two University of Toronto alumni that helps choreographers map out their routines, is making some big moves in the dance world. Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment has expressed interest in using the app for its Raptors Dance Pak after it was recently used by a dance school for a halftime performance at […]
    • Late in life, 'absolutely fearless' Dr. Lillian Lome travelled the world on medical missions March 7, 2018
      To her friends and family, Dr. Lillian Lome was fearless, a woman who didn't let anything get in her way.
    • International Women’s Day, star athletes and a Trump insider: Check out these March events at U of T March 7, 2018
      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at University of Toronto’s downtown Toronto campus today to mark International Women’s Day at the Rotman School of Management, kicking off a busy month packed with fascinating events – including a visit by a bestselling author with an inside scoop on Donald Trump’s White House, Olympic gold medallist Rosie MacLennan sharing […]
    • National pharmacare plan a step in right direction for Canadians: U of T expert March 6, 2018
      The federal government has set in motion a possible national pharmacare plan by creating an advisory council as part of last week's budget.
    • Molly Shoichet on the importance of creativity, imagination in research March 6, 2018
      Three top scholars – an astrophysicist, an Indigenous legal rights expert and a biomedical engineer – will talk about the importance of creativity and imagination in the pursuit of world-changing research at a special anniversary event tonight for one of the most prestigious awards in Canada.
    • Indigenous students to take centre stage in powwow at U of T March 6, 2018
      Powwows have been a part of Ziigwen Mixemong's life for as long as she can remember – longer, in fact.  You could say she owes her existence to the tradition since her parents met while organizing a powwow about 20 years ago. She got her first glimpse of one when she was just a few months old.
    • Environment more important to respiratory health than genetics: U of T researcher March 6, 2018
      A University of Toronto researcher has found strong evidence that environmental exposures, including air pollution, affect gene expressions associated with respiratory diseases much more than genetic ancestry.
    • Master of global affairs students look at blockchain as a tool for altruism March 6, 2018
      Zachary Skeith, an alumnus of the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs, had only a basic knowledge of blockchain technology when he started working at Three Lefts, a research and development startup. Regardless, he strongly believed that technology should be leveraged for more than just profit.
    • 'Heroic calculation': U of T expert on using new supercomputer to shed light on how oceans behave March 5, 2018
      To break in Canada’s newest, most powerful research supercomputer, the University of Toronto’s Richard Peltier is running a “heroic calculation” – one that is expected to shed new light on how the world’s oceans physically function.
    • Escape artist: Ancient reptile Captorhinus could detach its tail to elude predators March 5, 2018
      Imagine a voracious carnivore sinking its teeth into the tail of a small reptile, anticipating a delicious lunch, when, in a flash, the reptile is gone and the carnivore is left holding a wiggling tail between its jaws.
    • Almost all Ontarians accumulate multiple chronic conditions over their lifetime: U of T study March 5, 2018
      The proportion of Ontarians who died with two or more chronic conditions increased from 79.6 per cent in 1994 to 95.3 per cent in 2013, according to a new study from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences.
    • New U of T supercomputer is most powerful research machine in Canada March 5, 2018
      Canada’s most powerful research supercomputer was unveiled today at the University of Toronto – where it will be available to researchers of all disciplines across the country.
    • Disrupting the disruptors: U of T event looks at worker resistance in companies like Uber, Amazon March 5, 2018
      We’re all tapped into the platform economy – from using ridesharing apps to ordering food from an online delivery service – where we enjoy fast and efficient service for a reasonable price. But it’s easy to take these services for granted without understanding what goes on behind the scenes.
    • First students join U of T’s new International Doctoral Cluster program March 2, 2018
      Charmaine Rodrigues understands the importance of international experience – and she’s already had a taste of it. While an undergraduate in the forensic biology program at the University of Toronto Mississauga, she spent a term at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
    • David Sylvester named next president of University of St. Michael's College March 2, 2018
      David Sylvester has been appointed the eighth president and vice-chancellor of the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) in the University of Toronto.
    • U of T honours seven researchers whose impact reaches beyond academia March 2, 2018
      Seven scholars whose work has transformed everyday lives of people in Canada and around the world have a new accolade to add to their resumés – they’re winners of the inaugural University of Toronto President’s Impact Awards.
    • U of T startups draw on research, ingenuity at Entrepreneurship Week pitch competition March 2, 2018
      The first mass-produced electric wheelchair hit the market in the mid-1950s – invented by University of Toronto engineering alumnus George Klein to help veterans returning from the war.
    • U of T researcher studies ancient art's treatment of diverse body types March 1, 2018
      A stroll through any museum is proof enough that the ancient Greeks and Romans were dedicated to perfection of the human form, but according to one University of Toronto researcher, the ancient world also offers up evidence of a different population – one with diverse body types and abilities.
    • Have the Academy Awards had a critical makeover? March 1, 2018
      Over the course of its 90 years, the Academy Awards have been a constant cultural punching bag. Too timid, too mainstream, too predictable, and too white: All of these charges have been levelled at the Oscars, not without justification.
    • 'The only thing stopping you from huge success is you,' Dickinson tells entrepreneurs at U of T event March 1, 2018
      More than 50 startup companies with connections to the University of Toronto were on display today at the MaRS Discovery District – and entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den star Arlene Dickinson had a pointed message for their founders and employees. “The only thing stopping you from huge success is you,” Dickinson told a packed auditorium.
    • U of T working to develop University Pension Plan Ontario March 1, 2018
      The University of Toronto, University of Guelph and Queen’s University, together with their faculty associations, unions and other staff groups, are working together to develop a new pension plan that would cover employees at all three universities.
    • U of T researchers on unlicensed child care: Why do dog walkers need more permits than care providers? March 1, 2018
      It may be tomorrow, it may be next week, or perhaps next month but it will happen – another child will die in an unlicensed child-care setting.
    • 'We need change': Calls for action after verdict in Tina Fontaine death February 28, 2018
      After Raymond Cormier was acquitted in the murder of Indigenous teenager Tina Fontaine, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Grand Chief Sheila North said, “the systems, everything that was involved in Tina's life, failed her. “We've all failed her. We as a nation need to do better for our young people.”
    • Top marks: U of T ranked first in Canada in QS World University subject rankings February 28, 2018
      The University of Toronto continues to rise in international rankings, taking top 10 spots in eight subject areas in the 2018 QS World University Rankings by Subject.
    • U of T Entrepreneurship Week: 10 startups to watch February 28, 2018
      As a leading research institution with nine accelerators, it should come as no surprise the University of Toronto is a hotbed of startup activity.   Over the past five years, more than 150 companies have been created. In total, they've generated more than $500 million in investment.
    • These student entrepreneurs are one of more than 100 teams applying to The Hatchery February 27, 2018
      Point 37 was born late at night in a pizza shop.
    • Henry Ssali wants to raise awareness about the plight of refugees February 27, 2018
      Growing up in Uganda, Henry Ssali experienced what it was like living alongside refugees. “They were our friends, our neighbours – people we lived with,” he says.
    • 'This town is special': How Toronto – and U of T – emerged as an innovation hotspot February 27, 2018
      There was a time when building a successful Toronto startup meant eventually decamping to Silicon Valley – if for no other reason than to boost credibility in the eyes of deep-pocketed American investors.  Not anymore.
    • U of T welcomes federal budget’s boost for fundamental research February 27, 2018
      Calling it a “significant set of new investments,” the University of Toronto welcomed the multi-year provisions for research funding contained in the federal budget announced by Finance Minister Bill Morneau Tuesday.
    • Student Voices on Sexual Violence survey now available for U of T students February 26, 2018
      Starting this week, full-time undergraduate students and all graduate students at the University of Toronto are being asked to complete the Student Voices on Sexual Violence survey.
    • New technique developed at U of T uses EEG to show how our brains perceive faces February 26, 2018
      A new technique developed by neuroscientists at the University of Toronto can, for the first time, reconstruct images of what people perceive based on their brain activity.
    • 'It’s really shocking': U of T alumna and entrepreneur on the tech industry's lack of gender diversity February 26, 2018
      Huda Idrees thought she entered the male-dominated tech industry with her eyes wide open. But the University of Toronto engineering alumna says she was totally unprepared for what she found.
    • U of T’s applied computing expertise attracts Toronto’s tech and startup scene February 26, 2018
      ModiFace, ROSS Intelligence and WinterLight Labs were just a few of the University of Toronto startups on campus last week, alongside established tech names including Autodesk, IBM and Ubisoft Toronto, pitching their applied research projects to the cohort of master’s students in applied computing.
    • U of T Entrepreneurship ranked among the best university-managed business incubators February 23, 2018
      The University of Toronto is among the top five best global universities for fostering startups, says UBI Global, a Stockholm-based research and advisory firm that ranks top business incubators and accelerators.
    • Changing tack: How U of T startup Nymi found an unexpected, but lucrative niche February 23, 2018
      Nymi, a University of Toronto startup, made a big splash five years ago when it first unveiled a wristband that uses people's heartbeats to wirelessly log them into iPhones, iPads and other devices – no passwords needed.  There was just one problem.
    • #SpreadTheBreadUofT: U of T community can now donate Loblaw gift cards to campus food banks February 23, 2018
      “Want to start a movement?” That was the subject line for an email Roxanne Wright received from her friend and colleague Clare Gilderdale. “I said, 'Yes, absolutely, what are we doing?'” says Wright, who is the experiential learning lead in the Faculty of Medicine's MD program.
    • U of T startup developing safer, more effective cancer drugs February 23, 2018
      Though Canadians knew it was coming, Gord Downie’s death still came as a shock. The lead singer of The Tragically Hip, a band almost as beloved in this country as hockey, succumbed last fall to the incurable brain cancer – glioblastoma – he was diagnosed with three years and one teary-eyed, cross-Canada tour earlier.
    • U of T experts lead Lancet special report on Canadian health care February 23, 2018
      The Canadian government must match its public declarations with concrete action on issues such as disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples’ health, health system reform, and flagging levels of overseas aid, if it is to renew its legacy of leadership in health, according to a new issue of The Lancet examining Canada’s system of universal […]
    • Syrian revolutionary who is now a U of T grad student speaks at UN Human Rights Council event February 23, 2018
      Five months ago, Noura Al-Jizawi was a Syrian revolutionary turned master's student at the University of Toronto.
    • U of T startup seeks to improve cosmetic – and mental – outcomes for women with breast cancer February 22, 2018
      Rosane Brambilla Reis was a 37-year-old mother of two when a trip to the doctor’s office turned her life upside down.  She walked in with an apparent cyst in her breast. She left a cancer patient facing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – not to mention long odds.
    • One of U of T's greatest assets is its location at heart of Toronto, U of T President Meric Gertler says February 22, 2018
      As an urban geographer, it’s clear to University of Toronto President Meric Gertler that one of the university's greatest strengths is the city in which it finds itself.
    • U of T health-care collaborations share $3.5 million in new federal funding February 22, 2018
      Imagine using stem cells from a baby’s own umbilical cord to “patch” its damaged heart – one surgery that enables the implanted engineered tissue to grow with patients as they age.
    • New York Times #MeToo writers unravel reporting behind the movement, share thoughts at U of T February 22, 2018
      The New York Times exposé that led to the downfall of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein began with two reporters typing up a bio of themselves, highlighting how they were serious, trustworthy journalists whose stories had impact.
    • U of T signs agreement with IIT Bombay during Canada's trade mission to India February 21, 2018
      Siddharth Gautam is in the business of forging connections between people – so it’s fitting that he landed a spot on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trade mission to India.
    • U of T taps expertise of leading alumni to cement its reputation as place for global entrepreneurs February 21, 2018
      If you've fostered the growth of hundreds of student and researcher startups, and your alumni have founded 190,000 private sector companies and non-profit organizations that generate US$368 billion a year,  where do you go next?
    • Mapping health inequities: Ontario Atlas by U of T scholars looks at geographic disparities February 21, 2018
      Ontario has made major progress in reducing deaths due to circulatory, cancer and respiratory diseases – with more Ontarians surviving into old age – but the gains differ substantially across regions, according to public health policy researchers at the University of Toronto.
    • Former Toronto chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat talks livability, elections ahead of U of T event February 21, 2018
      When it comes to city building, change is good, says Jennifer Keesmaat, the former chief planner for the City of Toronto. This semester Keesmaat is teaching a graduate planning course at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Arts & Science on exactly that: how to transform cities to make them more livable and […]
    • U of T employees who are members of CUPE 3902 Unit 1 ratify renewal collective agreement February 20, 2018
      University of Toronto employees in the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 bargaining unit have voted to ratify the renewal collective agreement with the university.
    • New U of T research shows siblings can make you more empathic February 20, 2018
    • Future of science is Black, U of T PhD student writes in Motherboard February 20, 2018
      In January, H&M faced accusations of racism after the retailer published an ad featuring a Black boy wearing a hoodie saying, “Coolest monkey in the jungle.”
    • U of T study uses algorithms to predict how word meanings change over time February 20, 2018
      Using the Historical Thesaurus of English as a dataset, which dates back nearly 1,000 years to the period of Old English, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, Lehigh University and the University of Toronto have developed an algorithm to demonstrate how words evolve.
    • At U of T, lawyer Marie Henein calls #MeToo a 'necessary social awakening' February 16, 2018
      To some, criminal lawyer Marie Henein may seem an unlikely ally of the #MeToo movement.  The senior partner at Henein, Hutchinson LLP was herself the subject of much discussion when she successfully defended Jian Ghomeshi on charges of sexual assault in one of the most talked-about trials of the last decade.
    • U of T PhD student brings first-ever Women in Planetary Science conference to Toronto February 16, 2018
      This isn’t your average scientific conference.
    • Out of this world: U of T student's SpaceX internship involved working on Falcon Heavy's engines February 16, 2018
      The image is both silly and awe-inspiring: Elon Musk’s midnight cherry-coloured Tesla roadster piloted through space, Earth as a backdrop, by a spacesuit-wearing dummy. “I was actually surprised they launched the car,” says Askar Kazbekov, a University of Toronto student who is working on a master’s degree in aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical engineering.
    • U of T Art Museum exhibit serves as a ‘State of the Nation on sleep’: Globe and Mail February 16, 2018
      CEOs who start their day at 3:30 a.m. and people with precarious jobs who work at all hours of the night are shifting the way we think about sleep.
    • Faculty of Medicine expands occupational therapy program to U of T Mississauga February 16, 2018
      University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine is expanding its occupational therapy program to U of T Mississauga beginning this September.
    • U of T to confer honorary degrees on 15 Canadian and global leaders February 15, 2018
      The University of Toronto will recognize 15 outstanding individuals with honorary degrees this year – from prominent philanthropists and financial leaders to a NASA engineer, a U.S. Supreme Court justice, a prolific poet laureate – and one of Canada’s most-loved artists.
    • Tesla shot into space will likely collide with Earth or Venus – in millions of years: U of T researchers February 15, 2018
      The Tesla Roadster that was recently shot into space as part of SpaceX’s rocket test flight will likely collide with Earth or Venus eventually, according to new University of Toronto research.
    • U of T expertise helps drive two supercluster bids to success February 15, 2018
      Cutting-edge expertise at the University of Toronto in advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence is helping to propel two of the Canadian government’s newly announced innovation superclusters.
    • United by impact: U of T alumni a global economic, social and cultural powerhouse, survey finds February 15, 2018
      It’s one thing to know something anecdotally, quite another to have the hard data to back it up. Now, thanks to its first-ever Alumni Impact Survey, the University of Toronto can more accurately measure the impact of the social, economic, cultural and artistic achievements of its 545,000-plus living alumni on a local, regional and global […]
    • Handing out naloxone doesn't fix opioid crisis: U of T researchers February 14, 2018
      In the midst of a national opioid crisis, take-home naloxone programs have expanded rapidly, with Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Dr. Eric Hoskins recently announcing that naloxone kits will be provided to fire and police departments across the province.
    • Ahead of Trudeau's trip to India: Rotman hosts event at U of T February 14, 2018
      Just in time for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trade mission to India later this week, a panel discussion at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management offered suggestions for Canadian companies and government officials: Promote a Canada brand. Be willing to take risk. Look at India as a long-term investment.
    • Wynne champions diversity in STEM during visit to U of T February 14, 2018
      Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne visited the University of Toronto this week, speaking with Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering students about the challenges and opportunities they face and the importance of diversity in STEM disciplines.
    • 'I felt like I could help invent the future': U of T's Molly Shoichet talks about new role as Ontario's chief scientist February 14, 2018
      As Ontario's first chief scientist, Molly Shoichet hopes to reinstill public trust in science and help the government make better informed decisions based on evidence.
    • After Colten Boushie: Addressing 'pressing and troubling' issues February 14, 2018
      The acquittal of Gerald Stanley, the Saskatchewan farmer who admitted to shooting and killing Colten Boushie, a 22-year-old Cree man, has many Canadians struggling to come to terms with the plight of Indigenous Peoples and the state of truth and reconciliation across the country.
    • U of T cancer imaging startup raises funding for clinical trials February 13, 2018
      A University of Toronto startup that uses nanotechnology to help surgeons identify and remove cancerous tumours has closed a $2.3 million round of financing – money that will be used to pay for a Phase 1 clinical trial.
    • U of T master’s course teaches public policy students to think like community activists February 13, 2018
        University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG) is well-known for training the next generation of government workers, but a new master’s course offered by the school is teaching students about how to create change from the outside.