Media Releases

Boston Marathon Tragedy

April 16, 2013

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on the Boston Marathon Tragedy.

Explosion hazards

Bibhu Mohanty
Professor Emeritus
St.George Campus
Department of Civil Engineering
Office: 416-978-4576
Home: 416-233-6717
*NOTE: Call office or email beforehand.

Emergency medicine administration and communications
Emergency medicine policy issues
Howard Ovens
Associate Professor
St.George Campus
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Office: 416-586-8226
*NOTE: Available via email.

Computers in education and emergency medicine
Emergency medicine
Handheld computers in medicine
Mass Casualty Incident Preparedness
Paul Arnold
Clinical Instructor
St.George Campus
Faculty of Medicine
Office: 416-603-5405, 416-340-3856
Cell: 416-951-9819
Languages: French, Chinese
*NOTE: Available via cell phone (call or text).

Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medical Services
Health Emergency Preparedness and Response
Public Health
Brian Schwartz
Associate Professor
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Cell: 647-260-7181

International relations
National security, terrorism
Southeast Asia
United Nations
United States foreign policy 

Arne Kislenko
Adjunct Professor
St.George Campus
Trinity College
Munk School of Global Affairs
Office: 416-946-8973, 416-979-5000 ext. 6206
*NOTE: Available only by Skype.


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