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One in five nursing home residents abused by other residents

June 14, 2016

Reuters | June. 13, 2016

Fam­i­lies should look for nurs­ing homes with rooms or units set aside for demen­tia patients or res­i­dents prone to aggres­sive behav­iors,” said Dr. Jan­ice Du Mont, a pub­lic health researcher at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Toron­to who wasn’t involved in the study. “Dur­ing a tour, see if there is ade­quate open space or if the facil­i­ty feels over­crowd­ed,” Du Mont added by email. “Assess how many res­i­dents are in each room, if there are sep­a­rat­ed recre­ation­al areas, and how many staff you see on duty.” Read more.