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Disney ‘Routinely’ Removes Alligators From Area Where Child Was Attacked, Officials Say

June 16, 2016

Time Magazine | June. 15, 2016

lli­ga­tors reg­u­lar­ly attack small prey at or near the water’s edge and in most cas­es they will not imme­di­ate­ly swal­low their prey but will instead hold it under water to drown it, Robert Reisz, a pro­fes­sor of biol­o­gy at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Toron­to, told CTV. “It’s not unusu­al behav­ior for an alli­ga­tor to pull things into the water,” Reisz said, adding that it’s not uncom­mon for dogs in Flori­da to be snatched by alli­ga­tors. “This is nor­mal preda­to­ry behav­ior, it just hap­pens to be a child.” Read more.