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Was the G8 Deauville Summit a success or a failure?

May 27, 2011

TORONTO, ON – According to John Kirton, director of the G8 Research Group, the summit promised to be an exceptionally significant event. Seldom before had a single G8 summit confronted such a broad range of tightly interconnected burning crises — waging war to liberate Libya, bringing democracy to North Africa and the Middle East, coping with Japan’s natural and nuclear disasters, and preventing new fiscal and financial crises from Europe or the United States from snuffing out the global economic recovery gathering force. The Deauville Summit also had to deal with the formidable challenges on its built-in agenda, notably terrorism, nuclear proliferation, piracy, drugs, transnational crime, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a new partnership with Africa for development, health, education and good governance. The summit finally had to take up the new initiatives added by its French chair — the opportunities offered by the new cyber technologies and innovation for green growth.

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