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U of T launches research centre for motor control

October 22, 2012

TORONTO, ON – The University of Toronto has established a new centre for the multidisciplinary study of human movement that aims to better understand the complex communication between brain and body in situations as varied as pulling a pen across the page to running at high speed around a track.

The Centre for Motor Control (CMC), hosted by the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, will bring together researchers from across the university – and ultimately Ontario and beyond – in disciplines ranging from health sciences, biomedical engineering, healthy high performance, computer sciences and robotics. As a hub for this critical research network, the CMC aims to better integrate basic and applied research and to more efficiently translate that knowledge into methods and tools that can be used for training or treatment.

“By bringing people together around the common theme of motor behaviour, we plan to streamline the inquiry process while creating new ways of tackling our research questions,” says Professor Tim Welsh, who will act as the CMC’s first coordinator.

Covering the entire spectrum of human movement – from patient populations to elite athletes – the CMC aims to become an international centre of excellence for the study of and voluntary human movement.

“The possible outcomes are incredibly exciting and far-reaching,” says Dean Ira Jacobs.  “The results of this research and the collaborations it fosters could transform approaches and applications in areas as diverse as patient rehabilitation, workplace design and athlete training.”

Read more about the CMC’s mission, vision and membership.


For more information, please contact:

Althea Blackburn-Evans
Communications director
Tel: 416.978.1663

Tim Welsh
Associate Professor and CMC coordinator
Tel: 416.946.3303