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New professional master’s program in computer science

August 12, 2010

TORONTO, ON – The University of Toronto is launching a new professional master’s degree in Computer Science this September, aimed at educating the next generation of technical leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in turning research into practical applications.

The new Master of Science in Applied Computing program is one of only a handful of similar programs in Canada. Unlike most of the country’s Computer Science graduate programs, the focus of this program will be on the concrete application and development of research results, rather than on conducting original research.

“After extensive outreach, this program was created to address a number of concerns,” says Allan Borodin, co-chair of the program’s steering committee. “First, many Canadians were not applying for graduate programs because they wanted careers in industry and were not interested in doing research. We were looking for ways to broaden the appeal of a Computer Science graduate degree to these students. Second, we were equally eager to deepen our relations with industry, and in particular, create a new vehicle for applying our research. The M.Sc.A.C. will have a tremendous impact in each of these areas.”

The new program will be Canada’s first to emphasize technology transfer between academia and industry, says Borodin. There will be a clear focus on applying the latest, cutting-edge computer science research in real-world situations. Of 120 applicants to the program, six elite students were selected to enroll this year, but the program will gradually build to admitting two dozen students per year.

After studying with some of the country’s foremost Computer Science researchers for eight months, each student will spend eight months working in an industrial internship, where they will apply their academic experience to real-world problems, says Borodin.

“The program is advantageous for our industry partners because they’ll have access to the highest caliber of graduate students for large-scale projects that can be developed from inception to completion,” says Eugene Fiume, the newly appointed director of the program. “For our students, it means the opportunity to participate in advanced academic courses, work with leading researchers in state-of-the-art labs and gain invaluable industry experience.”


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