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Third annual Science Rendezvous event comes to UofT

April 29, 2010

TORONTO, ON – Exciting attractions, cutting edge science and fun activities for the whole family – all for free – highlight the third annual Science Rendezvous at UofT event on Saturday May 8, 2010

The focal point for the event is the Science Carnival, a street festival of science taking place on St. George Street, between College and Wilcocks streets, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some of the attractions at the Carnival include: 

  • The Incredible Goldberg Machine: The most convoluted way of doing the simplest action, the Incredible Goldberg Machine will impress you as it goes through dozens of steps and takes the cake as the craziest contraption built in Toronto! 
  • The Non-Newtonian Pond: Want to walk on water? Here’s your chance! Take a run across the Non-Newtonian Pond – but be careful, don’t walk, otherwise you might find sinking in! 
  • Volcano Alley: Come see a massive 20ft. volcano go off every half hour right on St. George Street! 
  • Historical Figures: Have you ever wanted to chat with Einstein?  Or perhaps match wits with Marie Curie?  They’ll be coming to life once again and demonstrating some of the science they helped discover! 

Various departments and student organizations at the University of Toronto will also put on displays in the form of Science Pavilions. Some of the highlights include: 

  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Haven’t gotten the chance to make it to the zoo yet this year?  Wait no longer!  Come see some amazing reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates on display in the lobby of the Ramsay Wright building! 
  • Engineers without Borders: Ever wanted a glass of water while walking up the stairs?  Come on over and work the treadle-pump!  The treadle-pump is a stair-master-like machine that pumps water! 
  • The University of Toronto Robotics Association: Stop by for the unveiling of a 3D printer, which molds three dimensional computer-based designs out of plastic, or enjoy a mini-sumo robot show!   
  • Pharmacy: Over in the Pharmacy building a giant maze that simulates alternate pathways for drug digestion allows you to become the drug and wander around in your own model digestive system!  
  • The Formula SAE Team: This year SAE will be unveiling the new 2010 car, which is set to race four days after Science Rendezvous!  The 2008 car will also be on display, this car was ranked 4th out of 505 teams in the 2008 competition. 

Other festival features include: the Science Stage, showcasing art and science performances; and, The Amazing Science Chase, a campus-wide live-action problem-solving adventure game.


Further programming details will be released. For updates, location specific information or to volunteer on Science Rendezvous May 8, 2010, check in at:

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