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G20 research group experts on site at Seoul summit

November 4, 2010

TORONTO, ON – The G20 Research Group will have a team of experts available for interviews and analysis on site at the COEX International Media Centre in Seoul for the G20 Summit.

John Kirton, co-director <>
Alan Alexandroff, co-director <>
Donald Brean, co-director <>
Jenilee Guebert, director of research <>
Lida Preyma, director of capital markets research <>
Netila Demneri, chair <>

To reach us by telephone while we are in Seoul, please call +82-010-8659-6542. This number will be active from November 8 to 13. Otherwise, please call +1-416-588-3833.

The G20 Research Group will release its compliance report on commitments made at the Toronto Summit in the coming days.

While printed copies of The G20 Seoul Summit 2010: Shared Growth Beyond Crisis will be available at the COEX media centre, the electronic version is available from the G20 Information Centre at <>. Other background documents are also available from the G20 Information Centre at <>.


For more information, please contact:

Madeline Koch
Managing Director
G20 Research Group
In Seoul Nov 8 to 13: +82-010-8659-6542
In Toronto: +1-416-588-3833