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New program helps moms re-enter the workforce

August 17, 2010

TORONTO, ON – As local moms prepare to send their kids off to school full-time in September, many are thinking about returning to the paid workforce.

A new program offered through U of T’s Rotman School of Management this October will help those women figure out ways to kick-start their careers after a period of absence from the working world.  

“At this time of year, moms are busy getting their kids ready to go back to school. But it’s also a time many start to think about their own next steps, whether it be going back to school or re-entering the job market,” says Beatrix Dart, executive director of Rotman’s Initiative for Women in Business, which offers the new program. “The Back to Work Program will give women what they need to succeed in their return to the workplace.”

The brand new program – which runs for nine days over a three-month period – offers a wide-range of skill- and confidence-building sessions to enable moms to successfully re-enter the workplace. Among them:

  • sessions that focus on refreshing management, leadership and planning skills
  • workshops designed to help moms familiarize themselves with current technology and online tools
  • opportunities to re-build supportive and collaborative network
  • access to career coaching and hiring professionals

The Back to Work program has already sparked an extraordinary amount of interest among GTA moms, says Dart.

“Getting a career back on track after months or years out of the paid workforce is a common challenge,” says Dart. “This program recognizes and addresses that need.”

Christine Smeeton is a mother of three boys, aged 9, 8 and 3. She enrolled in the Back to Work program because – after nearly a decade out of the workforce – she needs to upgrade some of her technical skills and start networking to give her career a kick-start.

“I have loved my time at home, but as the kids are getting older I have been missing work more and more. When I found out about the Back to Work Program, the timing was perfect and it was just what I needed,” says Smeeton. “The opportunity to sharpen my skills – especially with respect to technology, updating a resume and networking with other business professionals – made this program very appealing.”


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