Media Releases

Teacher strikes

May 20, 2015

These University of Toronto experts can comment on a variety of issues relating to the ongoing teacher strikes.

Collective Bargaining and Strikes
Globalization and labour
Public Policy in Human Resource Development
Training and Skill Development
Workplace change and innovation 
Anil Verma 
St.George Campus 
Faculty of Arts and Science
Joseph L. Rotman School of Management 
Department of Industrial Relations & Human Resources
Department of Management 
Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources 
Office: 416-946-3602, 416-978-2488 
Mobile: 416-659-7724 

Education and employment
Learning (formal and informal) and work (paid and unpaid)
Public opinion about public education
Social class and education
D. W. Livingstone 
Professor emeritus; CRC in Lifelong Learning and Work 
St.George Campus 
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 
Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education 
Office: 905 271-2755 
Home: 905-271-2755