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Ontario’s climate change action plan

June 8, 2016

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues related to Ontario’s climate change action plan.

Danny Harvey, Professor of Geography
Expertise: Ontario’s plan, Will it make a difference? Will motorists, homeowners and businesses make the change?
Tel: (416) 778-0670

Sara Hughes, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Expertise: Studies strengths and weaknesses of how regions tackle climate change, Ontario’s plan
Tel: (416) 978-8710, (647) 227-5045
* Read more about Prof. Hughes’ research

Douglas Macdonald, Senior lecturer of Environment
Expertise: Will the plan affect climate change?
Tel: (416) 686-0773 this morning, and (416) 978-1558 in the afternoon

Stephen Bede Scharper, Associate Professor of Environment, Department of Anthropology
Expertise: Environmental Ethics, Will Ontarians take the incentives, Will the plan work?
Tel:  (416) 978-7433
Email: (On research leave, but checking email)

William Gough, Associate Professor of Geography
Expertise: How will the plan affect climate change
Tel: (416) 606-5868