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Occupy Wall Street Experts

October 17, 2011

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues relating to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Homelessness, poverty, social policy
Urban neighbourhood income inequality
Decline of the middle income group

David Hulchanski
Professor; Associate Director, Research
Cities Centre
Faculty of Social Work
St. George
Office: 416-978-4093
Cell: 416-509-5806

Civic participation
Public opinion
Effects of inequality on social and political attitudes

Robert Andersen
Department of Political Science
St. George
Office: 416-978-8262

Democratic theory
Philosophy of cities

Frank Cunningham
Cities Centre
Department of Philosophy
Department of Political Science
St. George
Office: 416-978-5590
Home: 416-952-9788
Cell: 647-860-5371

Citizenship in the Canadian city
Political membership
Civic responsibility

Emily Gilbert
Director, Canadian Studies program
Graduate Program in Geography
Office: 416-978-0751

Social and political philosophy
Distributive justice
Welfare state

Joseph Heath
Director, Centre for Ethics
Office: 416-978-6421

Philosophy of action
Philosophy of attention
Philosophy of consciousness
Philosophy of perception
Philosophy of value

Benj Hellie
Associate Professor
Office: 416-978-3535

Occupy Wall Street protests
Social movements and political protests
Use of digital media for political organizing
Media and popular culture studies
Social implications of technology

Megan Boler
Associate Chair
OISE, Theory and Policy Studies
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
St. George
*NOTE: Boler is currently in New York, so is only available for print/radio interviews over the phone. Email is best way to contact. 

Social and policy implications of new media, internet, information/communications technologies
Andrew Clement
Faculty of Information
Office: 416-978-3143
Home: 416-922-0251
Cell: 416-922-0251

The Arab Awakening
Jens Peter Hanssen
Associate Professor
Department of History
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
St. George
Office: 416-978-3143
Home: 416-530-5701
Cell: 416-888-9981
Other languages: German, Arabic, French, Turkish

Canadian ethnic and alternative media
The Arab Awakening
Mass media of the Middle East
Nationalism and social movements in the Middle East

Amir Hassanpour
Associate Professor (Ret.)
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
St. George
Office: 416-946-5216
Urgent contact: 416-929-4089
Other languages: Kurdish, Persian, French

The Impact of Consumerism on Politics and Culture
The Nature of Consumerism
Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Trevor Norris
Assistant Professor
Theory and Policy Studies
Office: 416 978-1201

American politics
Renan Levine
Department of Political Science
Office: 416-208-2651
Home: 416-848-1871

Contemporary politics (justice, citizenship)
Social change
Mark G. Kingwell
Department of Philosophy (Trinity College)
St. George
Office: 416-978-3286

Demographics, economics and public policy
David K. Foot
Department of Economics
St. George
Home: 416-484-9973
*NOTE: Foot is travelling frequently and may be unavailable for on-camera interviews. Email is best way to contact.  

Political radicalism and reform movements (how current movement differs from earlier radical protest movements in the U.S)
Arthur Sheps
Associate Professor
Trinity College and Scarborough, Department of History
Department and Centre for the Study of Religion
Home: 416-964-7701

Poverty and homelessness
Welfare policy

Ernie S. Lightman
Faculty of Social Work
St. George
Office: 416-978-5570
Home: 416-960-5797

American political thought
Ryan Hurl
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Centre for the Study of the United States
St. George
Office: 416-978-3334
Cell: 647-343-1055

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