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Municipal Election 2010 experts

September 29, 2010

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues related to the City of Toronto Municipal election.

Voting and elections
Renan Levine
Department of Social Science
Office: 416-208-2651
Home: 416-848-1871
Note: Email to arrange interviews

Canadian politics, Canada-US relations
Globalization and citizen opposition
NAFTA and North American integration
Pierre Trudeau

Stephen Clarkson
University College, Political Economy
St. George
Office: 416-978-2682
Other Languages: French

Canadian politics (parties, voters, leaders, elections)
Canadian public policy and administration
Provincial politics (Ontario, the West, Quebec)

Nelson Wiseman
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
St. George
Office: 416-978-3336 (home/office)
Note: Prefers to be phoned

Municipal Finance
Enid Slack
Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance
Munk School of Global Affairs
Office: 416-946-0328
Home: 416-960-6052
Note: Email to arrange interviews

Political advertising and branding
David Dunne
Adjunct Professor
Rotman School of Management
St. George
Office: 416-978-8643
Cell:  (416) 666-0687

Election law
Peter Rosenthal
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Law
St. George
Office: 416-978-3093
Note: Email to arrange interviews

Women in Politics
Beatrix Dart
Associate Dean Executive Degree Programs
Professor of Strategy, Executive Director,
Rotman Initiative for Women in Business
Rotman School of Management
Office: 416-946-7496
Cell: 416-834-6180

Women and Politics
Sylvia Bashevkin
Department of Political Science
Principal, University College
University of Toronto
Office: 416 978 7516

Electoral Geography, Geography of Political Attitudes/ Ideology,
City-Suburban Political Differences
Urban Social Inequality, Urban Public Policy

Dr. R. Alan Walks
Associate Professor
U of T Cities Centre, Geography
Office: 416-978-1260 and 905-828-3932
Note: Email to arrange interview

Non-citizen voting/municipal franchise

Phil Triadafilopoulos
Asst. Professor of Political Science
Department of Social Sciences University of Toronto Scarborough
Office: (416) 208-4813, (416) 978-7035
Home:  (416) 778-7259
Cell: (416) 346-8067,

Transportation planning
Richard Soberman
Professor Emeritus
Department of Civil Engineering
Joint Program in Transportation
Department of Geography
Office: 416-492-2114 x17
Home: 416-445-1869
Other Languages: Spanish

Transportation policy and planning
Infrastructure finance and delivery
Community and regional planning
Matti Siemiatycki
Assistant Professor
Geography and Program in Planning
St. George
Phone: (416) 946-5145

Transportation planning, policy analysis
Urban planning
Transportation emissions
Travel behaviour analysis, modeling
Relationship between urban form and transportation
Sustainable transportation systems and urban forms

Eric J. Miller
Director and Professor
University of Toronto Cities Centre
Department of Civil Engineering
Office: 416-978-4076 or

Intelligent transportation systems
Advanced traffic management
Dynamic transportation networks

Baher Abdulhai
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Office: 416-946-5036

Transport planning
Urban freight transportation
Microsimulation modeling
Travel demand modelling

Matt Roorda
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Office: 416-978-5976

Waterfront redevelopment (Toronto)
Environmental policy (urban/municipal)

Gabriel Eidelman
PhD Candidate (Political Science)
Home: (416) 938-9559

Sustainable urban infrastructure
Christopher A. Kennedy
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
St. George
Office: 416-978-5978

Local Government
Metropolitan / regional governance
Metropolitan / regional planning
Urban Politics

Zack Taylor
Assistant Professor
U of T Scarborough Campus
University of Toronto Scarborough
Department of Geography
Department of Political Science
Centre for Urban and Community Studies
Cities Centre
Office: 416-287-7302

Democratic theory
Philosophy of cities

Frank Cunningham
Cities Centre
Department of Philosophy
Department of Political Science
St. George
Office: 416-978-5590
Home: 416-962-9788

Transportation and land use
Information Technology

Ron, N. Buliung
Assistant Professor
Geography, Cities Centre, Knowledge Media Design Institute
Office: 905-569-4419
Cell: 647-405-7460
Home: 416-536-0433
Note: Email to arrange interviews

Privacy, Surveillance, Broadband infrastructure
Andrew Clement
Faculty of Information
Office: 416-978-3111
Home: 416-922-0251
skype: andrewclement2

School Boards
Leadership in Education
Education Policy

Ben Levin
Canada Research Chair in Education Leadership and
Policy Department of Theory & Policy Studies
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Office: 416-978-1157
Note: After 5 p.m. please email to arrange interviews

Entrepreneurship, small business
Internationalization of small business
Reputation of new firms
Women entrepreneurs

Rebecca Reuber
Rotman School of Management
St. George
Office/blackberry: 416-978-5705

Tax policy and equity
Welfare policy (workfare, disability pension)
Poverty and homelessness

Ernie S. Lightman
Faculty of Social Work
St. George
Home: 416-960-5797

Economic Development and International Competitiveness
Joseph R. D’Cruz
Professor of Strategic Management
Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
St. George
Office: 416-978-4203
Home: 416 443 0545
Cell: 416-274-6496

Health services research
Poverty and health
Urban and inner city health

Stephen W. Hwang
Associate Professor; Director; Research Scientist
Department of Medicine
Division of General Internal Medicine
Centre for Research on Inner City Health
St. George
Office: 416-864-5991 or Pager: 416-864-5431

Homelessness, poverty, social policy
Housing, rental and subsidized housing
Neighbourhoods and gentrification

David Hulchanski
Professor; Associate Director, Research
Faculty of Social Work
Centre for Urban and Community Studies
St. George
Office: 416-978-4093 or 416-978-1973
Cell: 416 509-5806

Homelessness among women and families
Income security – social assistance

Emily Paradis, PhD
Research Associate
Cities Centre, University of Toronto
Phone: 416-978-1345
Other languages: French
Note: Email to arrange interviews

Cycling health and safety
Active transportation (especially bicycles) in the inner city
HIV primary care
Inner city health

Chris A. Cavacuiti
Assistant Professor
Department of Family and Community Medicine St. George
Office: 416-864-3096
Cell: cell 647-859-3096

Drinking water treatment optimization
Microbiological monitoring
Disinfection and oxidation technologies
Computational methods for process control

Ron Hofmann
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Office: 416- 946-7508

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