Media Releases

GTA transportation proposals

June 23, 2016

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues related to the GTA transportation proposals.

Steven Farber, Associate Professor of Human Geography (U of T Scarborough)
Expertise: New public transportation proposals and relieving congestion
Tel: (416) 402-1900

Matti Siemiatycki, Associate Professor in Geography & Planning
Expertise: Announcements this week on transit and transportation, Will they make a difference, How will city pay for it?
Tel: (416) 946-5145

Andre Sorenson, Associate Professor of Urban Geography (U of T Scarborough)
Expertise: How will new east end stations impact Scarborough commuters?
Tel: (416) 287-5607

Jonathan Hall, Professor of Economics
Expertise: Advantages of Toll Lanes on Highways
Tel: (416) 978-5110

Gabriel Eidelman, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and Governance
Expertise: Municipal politics, Tory’s SmartTrack proposals, Traffic reconfiguration
Tel: (416) 938-9559