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Federal budget experts

March 18, 2011

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues related to the federal budget.

Economic issues of federalism
Canadian tax policy
Michael Smart
Department of Economics
St. George
Office: 416-978-5119 (will forward to cell phone)

Banking industry
Capital markets
Corporate finance
Mergers and acquisitions
Laurence Booth
Professor; CIT Chair in Structured Finance
Rotman School of Management
Office: 416-978-6311

Canadian macroeconomics
Jack Carr
Department of Economics
St. George
Office: 416-978-5396
Home: 416-445-8251

International business
Transportation industry
Joseph R. D’Cruz
Professor of Strategic Management
Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
St. George
Office: 416-978-4203
Cell: 416-274-6496
Home: 416-443-0545

Entrepreneurship, small business
Internationalization of small business
Women entrepreneurs
Rebecca Reuber
Rotman School of Management
St. George
Office: 416-978-5705
Cell: 613-541-9034

Local public finance
Urban and regional economics including real estate markets
Gilles Duranton
Noranda Chair in Economics
St. George
Office: 416-978-2678
Other languages: French, Spanish

Canadian environmental policy
Business and environmental policy
Douglas Macdonald
Senior lecturer
Centre for Environment
St. George
Office: 416-978-1558
Home: 416-686-0773

Canadian politics
Nelson Wiseman
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Office: 416-978-3336
Home: 416-922-5595

Poverty and homelessness
Tax policy and equity
Ernie S. Lightman
Faculty of Social Work
St. George
Home: 416-960-5797

Child care
Amy Mullin
Vice Principal Academic and Dean
University of Toronto Mississauga
Office: 905-828-3719
Cell: 416-540-4751

Women and higher education
Jamie Lynn Magnusson
Associate Professor
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
St. George
*NOTE: Only reachable by email

Women, citizenship, migration, refugees
Joan G. Simalchik
Coordinator and Professor
Study of Women and Gender Program
UTM, Division of Social Sciences
Office: 905-569-4491
Cell: 416-988-7953

Immigrant employment
Jeffrey G. Reitz
Department of Sociology
Munk School of Global Affairs
St. George
Office: 416-946-8993
Cell:  416-302-0440
Home: 416-465-5596

Education for immigrants with professional qualifications
Zubin Austin
Assistant Professor
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
St. George
*NOTE: Only reachable by email

Gay and lesbian youth issues
HIV/AIDS and HIV prevention
Peter A. Newman
Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in Health and Social Justice
Faculty of Social Work
Centre for Applied Social Research
St. George
Office: 416-946-8611

Health system modeling and capacity planning
Patient flow
Patient scheduling (operating rooms, ambulatory clinics, etc.)
Resource utilization management
Health human resource modeling
Forecasting demand
Michael Carter
Centre for Research in Healthcare Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation
St. George
Cell: 416-709-5676
*NOTE: in Ottawa March 22 and 23, but reachable by email or cell phone

Arts management
Sherri L. Helwig
Senior Lecturer; Program Supervisor
UTSC, Department of Humanities
Arts Management & Humanities Co-op Programs at UTSC
Office: 416-287-7160 (or 647-348-1600 until July 1, 2011)
Home: 647-348-0369
Cell: 416-409-4712

Sport, policy and politics
Peter Donnelly
Faculty of Physical Education and Health St. George
Office: 416-946-5071
Home: 905-617-6020 (cell)

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