Media Releases

Famine experts

July 28, 2011

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues relating to the famine in East Africa.

International health
Food security
Family medicine
Julia Lee
Adjunct lecturer
Department of Family and Community Medicine
St. George
Office: 905-846-7477

Global health
Politics of health care

Jillian Kohler
Assistant Professor
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
St. George
Office: 416-946-8708
Cell: 416-508-1516
Other languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese

Development strategies: Africa
Failed states in the developing world
Globalization and international development
Politics in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius
Social democracy in the global periphery

Richard Sandbrook
Department of Political Science
Munk School of Global Affairs
St. George
Office: 416-946-8936
Home: 416-967-1265

Plants and drought
Malcolm Campbell
Professor; Vice-Principal Research (UTSC)
Department of Biological Sciences
Cell: 647-267-7714

Other languages: French

Bacterial disease
Food safety

William Wiley Navarre
Assistant Professor
Department of Molecular Genetics
Temerty Temerty Faculty of Medicine
St. George
Office: 416-946-5356

Ultraviolet disinfection (UV) of water and wastewater
Yuri Lawryshyn
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Office: 416-946-0576
Home: 705-252-6614

War and society in modern Africa
African social and economic history
Tanzanian and East African history
Colonialism and imperialism in Africa
Conflict in Africa
History of labour and slavery in Africa
History of Modern Africa
Stephen J. Rockel
Associate Professor
Department of History, UTSC

*NOTE: Currently in Africa and only available via email.

Politics of genetically modified food, crops
Grace Skogstad
Department of Political Science
U of T at Scarborough, Department of Political Science
School of Public Policy & Governance
St. George
Office: 416-978-8493 or 416-978-6156

African values and peace
Diaspora initiatives

Anne Goodman
Director, Certificate in Community Healing and Peacebuilding
Adult Education and Community Development program
Co-director, Transformative Learning Centre (TLC)
Director, InterChange: International Institute for Community-Based Peacebuilding
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
St. George
Office: 416-978-0784
Home: 416-657-8095

Khursheed N. Jeejeebhoy
Department of Medicine
St. George
Office: 416-645-5145
Cell: 416-822-1576

Natural resources
Political economy
Environmental politics

William Scott Prudham
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
Institute for Environmental Studies
St. George
Office: 416-978-4975
Cell: 416-660-0089

Health impacts of agricultural practices in the developing world
Donald C. Cole
Associate Professor
Dalla Lana School of Public Health
St. George
Office: 416-946-7870
Home: 416-537-0404
Other languages: Spanish

Pediatric emergency medicine
Dennis Scolnik
Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Office: 416-813-2388
Other languages: Hebrew

Destitute women and children
International health and human rights
Poverty, inequality and health
Street and homeless children
Catherine G. Chalin
Dalla Lana School of Public Health
St. George
Office: 416-978-7806
Home: 416-286-6405
Cell: 416-844-4364

Emergency medicine in Kenya
Médecins Sans Frontières
James Maskalyk
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Medicine
St. George
Office: 416-864-5976
Cell: 416-356-6423

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