Media Releases

Earth Hour

March 22, 2013

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues related to Earth Hour.

Global environmental politics
International organizations and global governance
International relations 

Steven Bernstein
Professor, Chair and Graduate Director
St. George Campus
Department of Political Science
Office: 416-978-8493

International environmental law (e.g. Kyoto Protocol)
Public international law (e.g. inter-state use of force, UN collective security system) 

Jutta Brunnee
St. George Campus
Faculty of Law
Office: 416-946-7353
Languages: German, French

Geomorphology, River processes, Climate change
Human-Environment interactions

Joseph Desloges
St. George Campus
Woodsworth College
Department of Earth Sciences
Office: 416-978-5234, 416-978-5782

Economic development
Environmental policy
Environmentalist movement
Food policy
Science and technology policy
Sustainable development 

Pierre Desrochers
U of T Mississauga Campus
University of Toronto Mississauga
Department of Geography
Office: 905-828-5206
Languages: French

Cultural identity politics
Culture and biodiversity conservation
Environment and development
Ethics and development
Exploitation of mountaineering porters
Natural hazards and vulnerability 

Kenneth MacDonald
Assistant Professor
U of T Scarborough Campus
Department of Geography
Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Office: 416-946-3205
Home: 416-466-2651
Languages: Balti
*NOTE: Email is best.

Canadian labour history and relations
North American environmental history 

Laurel MacDowell
U of T Mississauga Campus
School of Graduate Studies
University of Toronto Mississauga
Department of Historical Studies (UTM)
Department of History
Centre for Environment
Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Office: 905-828-5243, 416-978-1941
*NOTE: Email is best.

Environmental politics
Forest politics and policy in western North America
Natural resources
Regulation of genetically modified foods and crops 

William Prudham
St. George Campus
Department of Geography
School of Environmental Studies
Office: 416-978-4975

Environmental decision making
Environmental ethics
Philosophy of architecture 

Ingrid Stefanovic
St. George Campus
School of the Environment
Department of Philosophy
Office: 416-926-1300, x 3260
*NOTE: Best reached by email.


For more information, please contact:

University of Toronto media relations
Tel: 416-978-0100