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Earth Day Experts

August 24, 2010

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues related to Earth Day.

Environmental ethics
Kerry William Bowman
Assistant Professor
Joint Centre for Bioethics
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Office: 416-946-5057 or 416-586-4800, ext.2163
Home: 416-532-4594
Cell: 647-235-6159
Note: Best to call cell first

Air pollution
Atmospheric & environmental chemistry
Radioactivity in the environment

Greg John Evans
Professor; Director
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research
Office: 416-978-1821
Other Languages: French
Note: Best to call office first

Environmental policy
Sustainable development

Pierre Desrochers
Associate Professor
Department of Geography
Office: 905-828-5206
Other Languages: French
Note: Best to email first (On Sabbatical)

Mammalian conservation
Mark D. Engstrom
Associate Professor
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Institute for Environmental Studies
Office: 416-586-5517 or 416-603-5456 (lab)
Home: 905-693-9719

Air pollution abatement technologies
Environmental sulphur chemistry
Industrial waste utilization
Multimedia environment model
Canada’s Oilsands Industry

Charles Q. Jia
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Institute for Environmental Studies
Office: 416-946-3097
Home: 416-498-6541
Cell: 416-627-6166
Other Languages: Mandarin

River processes
Climate change
Paleohydrology Human-Environment interactions
Affects on Urban Streams

Joe Desloges
Department of Geography & Program in Planning
Woodsworth College
Office: 416-978-5234 or 416-978-5782
Cell: 416-523-6032

Air pollution
Contaminant health risks
Contaminant movement
Urban pollution
Water pollution

Miriam L. Diamond
Department of Geography
Department of Chemical Engineering
Centre for Environment
Office: 416-978-1586 or 416-573-2977

Climate change
Disturbance and forest management effects
Forest carbon cycle
Kyoto Agreement
Remote sensing and applications to environment

Jing Ming Chen
Department of Geography & Program in Planning
Office: 416-978-7085
Home: 905-755-9381
Other Languages: Chinese

Forest genetics
Forest health
Forest tree genomes / genomics
Pulp and paper making
Tree growth
Wood formation

Malcolm Campbell
Professor ; Associate Chair
Department of Cell & Systems Biology
Office: 416-946-0817 or 416-978-3543 (lab)
Other Languages: French

Drinking water treatment
Pathogens and toxins in drinking water

Ron Hofmann
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Office: 416-946-7508

Environmental education
Hilary Inwood
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the U of T
Office: 416-978-0257

Wood composites
Wood preservation, deterioration and protection
Wood products and processing

Paul Cooper
Faculty of Forestry
Office: 416-946-5078
Home: 905 -990-1295

Co-management of forest resources
Economics and sustainable forest management
Institutions, organizations and sustainability forest management
International trade of forest products
Timber pricing

Shashi Kant
Associate Professor
Faculty of Forestry
Institute for Environmental Studies
Centre for South Asian Studies
Office: 416-978-6196
Other Languages: Hindi

International environmental law (e.g. Kyoto Protocol)
Jutta R. Brunnee
Faculty of Law
Office: 416-946-7353
Cell: 647-505-9358
Other Languages: German, French

Climatic change
Energy efficiency
Energy efficient buildings
Global warming
Hydrogen energy
Renewable energy

Danny Harvey
Department of Geography
Office: 416-978-1588
Home: 416-778-0670
Other Languages: French

Environmental policy
Robert Logan
Professor Emeritus
Department of Physics
Home: 416-361-5928 or 416-977-6000 x.434
Other Languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Latvian

Environmental ethics, Religion and ecology
Christianity and ecology

Stephen Scharper
Associate Professor
UTM, Department of Anthropology
Centre for the Environment, Centre for the Study of Religion
Centre for Ethics
Office: 416-978-7433
Home: 416-656-9028
Cell: 416-200-4241
Note: Best to call home

Forest health and biodiversity
Sandra M. Smith
Faculty of Forestry
Office: 416-978-5482
Home: 416-324-8965

Air pollution

Murray Thomson
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Office: 416-580-3391
Home: 416-580-3391
Cell: 416-580-3391
Other Languages: French

Contaminant Transport
Environmental Contamination
Water Quality
Mercury Pollution

Carl Mitchell
Assistant Professor
U of T at Scarborough, Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences
Office: 416-208-2744
Cell: 647-282-7627

Culture and biodiversity conservation
Environment and development
Ethics and development
Exploitation of mountaineering porters
Natural hazards and vulnerability
Social and environmental impacts of tourism

Kenneth Iain MacDonald
Assistant Professor
UTSC, Department of Geography
UTSC, Department of International Development Studies
Centre for South Asian Studies
Office: 416-287-7294
Home: 416-466-2651
Other Languages: Balti

Business and environmental politics
Canadian climate change policy and politics
Canadian environmental policy and politics

Douglas Macdonald
Senior Lecturer
Centre for Environment
Office: 416-978-1558
Home: 416-686-0773

Environmental decision making
Environmental ethics

Ingrid Leman Stefanovic
Centre for Environment
Office: 416-978-6526 or 416-978-3475
Home: 416-962-5885

Relationship of environment, climate change and air quality to human health
Kirsty Duncan
Adjunct Professor
Department of Geography
Home: 416-241-6326
Note: On leave from university as she is currently a MP

North American environmental history
Laurel Sefton MacDowell
Department of History
U of T at Mississauga, Department of Historical Studies
Office: 416-978-1941 or 905-828-5243
Cell: 647-989-5681

Agroforestry and farm forestry
Fragile ecosystems, rehabilitation of degraded lands in southeast Asia
Non-wood forest products (bamboo, rattan, medicinal plants)
Tropical forestry and forest products

Cherla B. Sastry
Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Forestry
Institute for Environmental Studies
Home: 416-335-9949
Other Languages: Telugu, Hindi

Electricity: pricing and environmental effects
global warming politics
Pollution control policy and economics
Waste management and recycling economics

Donald N. Dewees
Department of Economics
Faculty of Law
Office: 416-978-4473

Marine geology
Ocean mining
Ore deposits

Steven Scott
Department of Geology
Other Languages: French
Note: Out of country and only available for print interviews. Best to contact by email

Fossil energy (coal beneficiation and coal-slurry fuels)
Renewable energy (fuel ethanol, biodiesel – from vegetable oil)

Olev Trass
Professor Emeritus
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Office: 416-978-6901
Home: 416-656-5387
Other Languages: Estonian

Bushmeat crisis
Impact of sprawl, development, forestry on wildlife
Northern Boreal forests and conservation (Ontario, Canada)
Tropical forests and conservation (Africa)

Justina C. Ray
Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Forestry
Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
Office: 416-850-9038 ext. 22
Cell: 416-795-1636
Other Languages: French, German
Note: Best to contact cell on Earth Day

Waste management
Waste reduction on the St. George campus

Reno Strano
Waste management supervisor and recycling coordinator
Facilities and Services
Office: 416-946-5711

Gas and oil Politics, arctic resources, non-renewable resources
Natural disasters: tsunamis, floods, landslides, volcanos, earthquakes
Plate tectonics

Natural Hazards
Andrew D. Miall
Department of Geology
Office: 416-978-8841
Home: 416-236-9264

Contaminants from pulp and paper production
Drinking water disinfection byproduct
Bruce McKague
Adjunct Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Office: 416-978-7297

Global environmental politics
Steven F. Bernstein
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Office: 416-978-3345 or 905-828-3913
Note: Email first for fast response

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