Media Releases

Canada’s 2015 Federal Election

August 12, 2015

The following is a list of U of T political scientists across all three campuses who can comment on a variety of issues relating to Canada’s 2015 federal election:

Professor Sylvia Bashevkin
Expertise: Gender and politics; political behaviour; social policy

Professor Steven Bernstein
Expertise: Environmental policy; political institutions; non-state actors

Professor Jonathan Craft
Expertise: Comparative public policy and administration, environmental policy, public management

Professor David Cameron
Expertise: Federalism; Quebec nationalism; ethno-cultural relations; constitutions

Professor Stephen Clarkson
Expertise: North American governance

Professor Christopher Cochrane
Expertise: Political ideas; political disengagement; party competition

Professor Rodney Haddow
Expertise: Political economy and public policy; interprovincial relations; social policy

Professor Antoinette Handley
Expertise: Comparative development and health policy

Professor Ran Hirschl
Expertise: Constitutions; democracy; legal questions

Professor Sara Hughes
Expertise: Urban politics; local politics; environmental policy

Professor Rauna Kuokkanen
Expertise: Indigenous politics and rights

Professor Lawrence LeDuc
Expertise: Parties and elections; political behaviour

Professor Peter Loewen
Expertise: Political behaviour; behavioural economics

Professor Kate Neville
Expertise: Environmental politics

Professor Neil Nevitte
Expertise: Public opinion and public participation

Professor Andrea Olive
Expertise: Arctic politics; endangered species; private property

Professor David Rayside
Expertise: Politics of sexual diversity; political mobilization of religious conservatives

Professor Stefan Renckens
Expertise: Business and politics; environmental policy

Professor Robert Schertzer
Expertise: Federalism; constitutions, judicial politics

Professor Peter Solomon
Expertise: Politics of criminal justice

Professor Grace Skogstad
Expertise: Agricultural policy; trade

Professor Judith Teichman
Expertise: Poverty and inequality

Professor Erin Tolley
Expertise: Socio-demographic diversity in Canada

Professor Phil Triadafilopoulos
Expertise: Accommodation of religious minorities

Professor Robert Vipond
Expertise: Political development; federalism; healthcare

Professor Graham White
Expertise: Provincial and Territorial government; the North

Professor Linda White
Expertise: Welfare states; social policy, especially early childhood education; law and federalism

Professor Nelson Wiseman
Expertise: All Canadian government and politics

Professor David Wolfe
Expertise:  Economic policy; innovation; knowledge-based economic development

Professor Joe Wong
Expertise: Democracy; health