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Brexit: reaction in Europe, impact to immigration, xenophobia’s role

June 24, 2016

The fol­low­ing is a list of Uni­ver­si­ty of Toron­to experts who can com­ment on Brex­it: reac­tion in Europe, impact to immi­gra­tion, xeno­pho­bi­a’s role.

Phil Tri­adafilopou­los, Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor of Polit­i­cal Sci­ence
Exper­tise: How xeno­pho­bia played a part in the vote, Vote will affect immi­gra­tion and trav­el, Which coun­tries could also exit
Tel: (416) 978‑7035

Jef­frey Kop­stein, Pro­fes­sor of Polit­i­cal Sci­ence
Exper­tise: Euro­pean Union pol­i­tics, What coun­tries could also leave
Tel: (949) 392‑2285

Arne Kislenko, Adjunct Pro­fes­sor at U of T’s Munk School of Glob­al Affairs
Exper­tise: Immi­gra­tion in Europe, Migrant cri­sis impact­ed vote
Tel: (647) 378‑8710