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2014 Federal Budget

February 10, 2014

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues related to the 2014 federal budget.

Accountability and performance indicators
Comparative analysis
Economics of education
Educational management and finance
Funding formulas
Dan Lang
St. George Campus
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Department of Geography
Department of Management (UTSC)
Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education
Office: 416-978-1246
Mobile: 416-230-2684

Canadian labour history and relations
North American environmental history
Laurel MacDowell
St. George Campus
Department of Historical Studies, UTM
Department of History
Office: 416-978-1941
Office: 905-828-5243
Home: 416-487-5681

Business and environmental politics
Canadian climate change policy and politics
Canadian environmental policy and politics 

Douglas Macdonald
Senior Lecturer
St.George Campus
Centre for Environment
Office: 416-978-1558
Home: 416-686-0773

Canadian Government and Politics
Political parties and leaders
Provincial politics
Voting, elections, and public opinion 

Nelson Wiseman
Associate Professor
St.George Campus
Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Political Science
Office: 416-978-3336
Home: 416-922-5595

Child care
Feminist philosophy

Amy Mullin
Professsor, UTM Vice Principal Academic and Dean
U of T Mississauga Campus
Department of Philosophy (UTM)
Office: 905-828-3719

Employment (especially of immigrants)
Immigration policy, equity and multiculturalism policy
Management of diversity issues
Race and ethnic relations, human rights
Workplace issues 

Jeffrey Reitz
St.George Campus
Munk School of Global Affairs
Department of Public Policy & Governance
Department of Sociology
Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Note: On research leave in Paris, available at: +33 06 23 83 59 08


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