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Commonwealth Games experts

September 27, 2010

The following is a list of University of Toronto experts who can comment on a variety of issues relating to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India.

International relations
International perspectives on India

Southeast Asia
Arne Kislenko
Adjunct Professor
International Relations Programme
Trinity College
Munk School of Global Affairs
St. George
Office: 416-946-8973 or 416-979-5000 ext. 6206
Cell: 647-378-8710

Global health
Malaria in India

Prabhat Jha
Dalla Lana School of Public Health
St. George
Office: 416-864-6042
Home: 416-482-9436

Natural disasters

Andrew D. Miall
Department of Geology
St. George
Office: 416-978-8841
Home: 416-236-9264
Cell: 647-588-6562

High risk sports
Social issues related to sports
Sport, policy and politics

Peter Donnelly
Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Office: 416-946-5071
Cell: 905-617-6020

Injury prevention
Sports injuries

Charles H. Tator
Division of Neurosurgery
Department of Surgery
Office: 416-603-5889
Cell: 647-680-4643

Issues relating to international swimming competition
Byron MacDonald
Varsity Blues swimming head coach
Former Olympic swimming coach
Experienced TV commentator for swimming in the 2008 Olympics
Office: 416-978-7008
Home: 416-469-0719

Athletes’ rights and relations with the media
Gender issues in sport

Margaret MacNeill
Associate Professor
Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Collaborative Program in Women’s Health
Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Office: 416-978-0598
Home: 905-338-8400
Cell: 416-978-0598

Advertising and marketing
David Soberman
Professor of Marketing
Rotman School of Management
Office: 416-978-5445
Cell: 416-420-4876
French Cell phone: (use between September 27 and October 5): 33-607225467
* Please note: Professor Soberman is in France between September 27 and October 5, so will be unavailable for on-camera interviews during that time. He is reachable on his French cell phone during that period.

Competitive situations encountered by elite athletes
Health and performance under extreme conditions

Greg D. Wells
Assistant Professor
Departments of Anesthesia & Exercise Sciences
Cell: 416-710-4618

Sports medicine
Howard A. Winston
Assistant Professor
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Office: 416-789-2476
Pager: 416-381-8495 (checks frequently)
* Please note: Dr. Winston is unavailable on Mondays before 3:30 p.m.

Abuse and harassment in sport
Psychological aspects of athletic injury
Psychological aspects of sports, exercise and stress
Psychological stress (athletes, coaches and parents of athletes)
Psychological stress in athletes
Stress and elite child athletes, retirement of elite athletes
Coach education
Women in coaching
Youth in sport

Gretchen Kerr
Associate Dean
Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Office: 416-978-6190
Cell: 519-939-6608

Athletes’ rights in sport
Canadian sport history
History and politics of sport and the Olympics
Human rights in sports

Bruce Kidd
Professor and Dean
Faculty of Physical Education and Health
* Please note: Dean Kidd is in India for the Commonwealth Games so he is not available for on-camera interviews, but can be reached by email to set up print and radio interviews.

Issues relating to gender/sexuality and international sport
Caroline Fusco
Associate Professor
Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Office: 416-946-7717 or 416-960-6054
Home: 416-960-5633

Clinical sports medicine (clinical, nature, outcomes, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries)
Concussion in sports
Doping in sports

Doug Richards
Assistant Professor; Medical Director, MacIntosh Clinic
Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Clinic: 416-978-4678
Office: 416-978-7377
Cell: 416-996-2830

Community resistance to international sporting events
Negative social and environmental impacts of international sporting events

Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
Professor Emerita
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the U of T
Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Office: 416-978-0447
Cell: 647-206-9345

Stress and health
Work and stress

Scott Schieman
Department of Sociology
Office: 416-946-5905

Stress and anxiety
Neil Alexander Rector
Associate Professor; Psychologist & Research Scientist
Department of Psychiatry
Sunnybrook Institute
Office: 416-480-6100 ext 2233
Cell: 416-432-4587

Preventing burnout
Stress management
Complementary medicine
Travel for health

Mel Borins
Associate Professor
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Office: 416-533-6488
Home: 416-782-4530

Flood analysis and management
Flooding, drainage systems, sanitation

Barry Adams
Civil Engineering
St. George
Office: 416-946-0164

Building science
Moisture-induced problems in buildings

Kim D. Pressnail
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Division of Engineering Science
St. George
Office: 416-978-1501
Home: 416-444-1897

Structural design
Engineering of buildings

J. David Bowick
Adjunct Assistant Professor
John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
St. George
Office: 416-593-5300
Cell: 416-708-5083

Construction management
Brenda McCabe
Civil Engineering
St. George
Office: 416-946-3505

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