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Research on gonorrhea uncovers new immune system trigger

TORONTO, ON — Researchers at the University of Toronto have uncovered how Gram-negative bacteria — a broad class of bugs that cause diseases ranging from gonorrhea to diarrhea and pneumonia — can trigger a reaction from our immune system. This … Continue reading

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New map uncovers the traffic of life in a cell

TORONTO, ON – Toronto scientists have recorded, in unprecedented detail, the locations of all proteins in a cell. This new protein map allows scientists to look much more closely into what happens in a cell when disease strikes, and will … Continue reading

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Helping refugees heal

TORONTO, ON – With people fleeing bloodshed in the Middle East and West Africans displaced by Ebola, the world is facing the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. More than 500 medical leaders will gather at the University … Continue reading

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‘Hydrogels’ boost ability of stem cells to restore eyesight and heal brains

Toronto, ON – Toronto scientists and engineers have made a breakthrough in cell transplantation using a gel-like biomaterial that keeps cells alive and helps them integrate better into tissue. In two early lab trials, this has already shown to partially … Continue reading

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One test for all infections

TORONTO, ON – If you’re returning from abroad with a fever, your doctor will likely test you for malaria. You’ll give multiple blood samples at the lab, and if the results are inconclusive, you’ll face yet another round of tests. … Continue reading

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Open-source partnership to uncover role of epigenetic regulation in Rett Syndrome

Toronto, ON – The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) at the University of Toronto and the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) have entered into an “open-source” research partnership with two Toronto-based hospitals to test tool compounds, called chemical probes, against epigenetic proteins … Continue reading

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U of T researcher reveals the gut’s role in effects of diabetes drug

TORONTO, ON – Two new studies show the potential of targeting the gut in treating diabetes. Until now, scientists always assumed Metformin, the world’s most common type 2 diabetes treatment, worked directly on the liver. But U of T researchers … Continue reading

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SickKids Chief of Research and University of Toronto Professor, Dr. Janet Rossant, named recipient of 2015 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award

TORONTO – The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the University of Toronto (U of T) are thrilled to congratulate Dr. Janet Rossant on being named the recipient of the 2015 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award, in recognition of her extensive scientific contributions … Continue reading

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U of T’s Institute for Indigenous Health uniquely named to honour Canadians’ commitment to Indigenous Peoples

TORONTO, ON – A transformative institute aimed at creating thriving health in Indigenous communities will receive the name, Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health, on March 23 at the University of Toronto. The Institute — among the first of its kind … Continue reading

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“Baby Teeth Talk” study : tri-national study promotes early intervention strategies to improve Indigenous oral health

TORONTO, ON (March 20, 2015) – A first of its kind, a study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, involving indigenous populations in Canada, Australia and New Zealand is attempting to tackle a growing problem in Indigenous populations: … Continue reading

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